How do I know if my land is suitable for development?
How much is my land/property worth?
What about Tax - such as Capital Gains?
How much land is required?
Do I have to sell my home too?
I am not sure if my neighbours will want to be involved
Will our discussions remain confidential?
I am worried you will put pressure on me to sell?
What about Tax - such as Capital Gains?
Will I de-value my property by selling off my land?
I know other people who have had a bad experience selling their land
How long does the Option Agreement last for?
Can I choose my own solicitor?
Do we all need to use the same solicitor?
How long does planning permission take?
What if you need to resubmit plans?
What if you need to appeal?
Could I apply for Planning Permission myself?
What if our neighbours raise objections to the planning application?
What if you can't obtain planning permission?
How quickly will I be able to receive an offer for my land?
When will I receive my cash windfall?