All of our schemes are individually designed by our team of in-house architects and designers to perfectly compliment the character of a neighbourhood.

We work directly with people just like you — home and land owners — to create beautiful homes for the next generation and beyond.

Selling your land to Damson Homes is an easy, transparent, straightforward process that can provide you with a life-changing financial windfall.

A typical land purchase package, which addresses all concerns, can be broken down into six steps…

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If you feel there may be an opportunity for new home development with either your property in its entirety or combined with your neighbours, get in touch on our Enquiry Page or by calling us on 0121 709 0539.

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How do I know if my land is suitable for development?
How much is my land/property worth?
What about Tax - such as Capital Gains?
Do I have to sell my home too?

We will take a look

From here we can quickly ascertain what development opportunities are available to you and address any concerns you have. If neighbouring properties are required, we are equally happy discussing the options open to you in either a group setting or individually.

Any parts of our discussions you wish to remain private will continue to be just that — between ourselves.

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I am not sure if my neighbours will want to be involved
Will our discussions remain confidential?

We Agree on a Development Idea

Now all parties are in general agreement; we will draw up what is called a Feasibility Study which broadly consists of an outline plan of the proposed development, any terms and conditions we have agreed to, and the likely timescale it would take to achieve planning permission.

If the development is utilising garden land, we will come by and manually peg out where your new boundary will be — in virtually all cases; we will erect your new fence as part of our agreement.

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I am worried you will put pressure on me to sell?
How do I know that you won’t build an eye sore at the bottom of my garden?!
Will I de-value my property by selling off my land?
I know other people who have had a bad experience selling their land

Getting it all agreed — legally for your peace-of-mind

Once all is agreed, an ‘Option Agreement’ will be entered into.

This legally-binding document keeps all property and land in your name whilst at the same time allows us to apply for planning permission — so if for any reason permission cannot be obtained, nothing changes with regards to your ownership of your property and land.

An ‘Option Agreement’ outlines…
  • The amount we have to pay you for your property or land.
  • How much time we will have to achieve planning permission.
  • Any specific terms and conditions to our agreement together.

For your full peace-of-mind, we will pay for a Solicitor for you to independently verify all the conditions we have agreed to before you formally sign and accept the Option Agreement.

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How long does the Option Agreement last for?
Can I choose my own solicitor?
Do we all need to use the same solicitor?

Apply for Planning Permission

Once the Option Agreements are signed and exchanged, Damson Homes will begin the planning application process. Sometimes there is work we need to undertake before submitting the application such as surveys — if this is the case, we will undertake all costs and responsibility.

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How long does planning permission take?
What if you need to resubmit plans?
What if you need to appeal?
Could I apply for Planning Permission myself?
What if our neighbours raise objections to the planning application?
What if you can't obtain planning permission?

We Pay You and Start Building

Upon a successful planning permission decision, we will then have a pre-agreed, set amount of time to purchase your property. Your windfall is paid to you in full before we start any construction work.

The build period varies from project to project and is typically around 10-16 weeks. You can see how long previous Damson Home developments took to build in our Examples Gallery.

See if your property or part of its garden could be part of a New Home Development opportinity

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